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Welcome To Planet Shareware March 2005


We are getting bigger and better
Regular users will have noticed a massive speed increase in Planet-Shareware as of the 28th, the increase is due to upgrades to Planet-Shareware’s database. We are now running all our site on an SQL database.

We have added 1462 static pages over the past 4 weeks bringing the collective total of files that make up Planet-Shareware reach a massive 10,538

Due to competitiveness between shareware authors the user rating system on planet-shareware will now be administered by us.
We have been aware for some time that the free for all voting system is open to fraudulent voting by competition.
By tracking IP addresses we have discovered that general users vote about once to every 7 authors votes.

We are sorry if you have high votes but to ensure every author has the same stats across planet-shareware we will be resetting all votes to a Not yet voted status.

We will shortly be adding a review section in the authors control panel for authors to submit there products for review by Planet-Shareware staff. Some highly rated products will be reviewed by our staff anyway.

On the change
Planet-shareware has been having an extensive refurbishment.

We have been running a little over 1 year and during this time we have exceeded all expectations.

With the ever changing world of the internet and increasing quantity of websites its making it much more harder for shareware authors to get there voice herd. Getting a hit is like 1 in 30,000,000 for some keywords, and now with the pay per click sites everywhere it seems the competition always has deeper pockets than yours.

We have studied search engines over the past year and have decided to rewrite our site in accordance to our findings.
What we aim to achieve.

Improved world wide presence of Planet Shareware
Improved presence on the web for our shareware authors and there software.
Website design, optimization and general support for shareware authors.
Provide more and varied services to our customers and our users alike.

This site is fully functional, however you may find the appearance of pages change from page to page.
This is due to our continuing upgrades throughout Planet Shareware

Please give us time, we still have around 200 of about 2600 pages to rewrite, optimize and upload.

Enjoy our site
Jamie (MD Planet-Shareware)